Loyalty cards

Harvest Energy runs a Loyalty Card scheme, available for all our customers at select fuel stations.

The benefit for our customers

Call into one of our select fuel stations to claim your Harvest Energy Loyalty Card. For every litre of fuel you purchase, you will be rewarded with two loyalty points, which is loaded onto your card. Your card is deemed “full” once it has 1200 loyalty points saved on it, which can then be used for a £5.00 discount off any purchase – be that fuel, or goods purchased in the forecourt shop.

The points can also be exchanged for vouchers from one of 12 high street retailers through the card provider, Key Points.

The value of the scheme is its simplicity. Just call into one of our select petrol stations to pick up a card instore, and start saving today!

The benefit for our dealers

The way our Loyalty Card Scheme works for our dealers is that you buy points (£320 for 50,000 points, issued on a Loader Card) from the card provider, Key Points, a business that has been running for over 30 years. Dealers will then issue our forecourt customers with 2 loyalty points for every litre of fuel they buy, and the card becomes “full” once it has 1200 loyalty points saved on it (so a customer will need to purchase 600 litres of fuel in order to fill their card). Once the Loyalty Card is full, it can then be instantly redeemed instore on fuel or shop goods, or exchanged through Key Points for vouchers from one of 12 high street retailers. When a Loyalty Card is redeemed at the forecourt, the dealer subsequently returns it to Key Points, and receives a credit of £5.00 for each redeemed card.

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