Who we are

Our branding, identity and logos explained

Harvest Energy logo

Butterflies play a number of important roles in the ecosystem and from ancient times, the remarkable metamorphosis from chrysalis to butterfly has been used to illustrate rebirth and transformation. The Harvest Energy butterfly logo represents the continuous, steady evolution of the business and enhances its environmental credentials.

The Breeze logo depicts two leaves, used in different colourways – blue and green – representing the synergies between the brand and Harvest Energy. The leaves suggest a connection to nature and the environment, while the simplicity of the Breeze logo represents the ease and efficiency of using our facilities.

The clarity and simplicity of the OIL! logo represents the comprehensive service offered at the brand’s forecourts. The logo’s use of green represents the environmentally conscious values that are at the heart of the business, while the use of violet reflects the changing colour of the sky at night – indicative of a commitment to service excellence 24/7. The interplay between the two colours is symbolic of a fuel tank being filled up, highlighting our clear focus on serving the needs of our customers. Meanwhile, the exclamation mark symbolises our dynamic approach to changing needs in the regions in which we operate.

Know Our Company

We have a set of core values which we believe form the basis of our business and which act as a code of conduct for us all, as we go about our working lives. Our core values are as follows:


Integrity – We encourage good work ethics

We encourage good work ethics and believe that our dealings with others must be done with integrity. We are fully transparent, fair, honest and upfront in all interactions.

Commitment To Excellence – We strive to improve and exceed expectations

We have a reputation of excellence in everything we do and we are committed to maintaining this. Our aim is to be best in class in every aspect of our business, most importantly our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of Health & Safety right across the company. We are led by a highly respected and remarkable team, all of whom have a deep understanding of the energy industry.

Principled & Passionate – We take pride in our business and heritage

Although we are very modern in our approach, we are passionate about maintaining old-fashioned values and principles that ensure we are a loyal, dependable and compassionate organisation. We are service-orientated and we value relationships. We advocate and uphold high environmental standards and sustainability practices. Our focus is always our customers, whoever and wherever they may be, but we also value and support our staff – after all, if they succeed, we succeed.

Drive & Dynamism – We endeavour to be world class and have a “can do” attitude to get the job done

Our success has been achieved through our entrepreneurial spirit, dynamic team and lean structure. We are independent, driven and forward thinking – passionate about our products and with a perpetual quest for quality performance across the board. Our people are what make our company great and we consider them family.

Philanthropic – We promote a culture of generosity

Philanthropy is at the centre of our organisation. We support causes that are close to our hearts – in particular, the Prax Foundation Roots – and support and encourage a culture of generosity with our staff in their own charitable projects.

Where We Operate

Harvest Energy is a member of the Prax Group of companies. The Group’s headquarters are located in London, England, with additional offices and assets strategically located across the UK. Globally, the Group has main offices in Singapore and Houston, as well as additional offices across Europe.

Integrated Supply & Optimisation

The Prax Group specialises in the integrated supply and optimisation of crude oil and a wide range of petroleum products, including diesel, fuel oil, gas, gasoline, gasoline components, Jet A1, Avgas and bio-fuels.


The Group distributes its products through a global supply network, serving its customers in the retail, aviation, wholesale, fuel card, marine, haulage and government sectors.

London, England – Prax Group Headquarters and Office for Europe & Africa; Weybridge, England – Office for Harvest Energy; Lincolnshire, England – Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery; Godalming, England – Office for Exploration & Production; Aberdeen, Scotland – Office for Exploration & Production
Houston, Texas – Office for the Americas
Singapore – Office for Middle East & Asia
Antwerp – Office for Harvest Energy Marine
Hamburg – Office for OIL!